Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Snow White" (1937) - Walt's Dream to Reality

Hi everybody! Time for the first official post of Animation Narration! Today we are talking about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney classic from 1937. Everyone knows this classic piece of animation, but before the movie came out you would be surprised on how many people said that the movie would bomb.

     But first I should talk about the history to describe what I was talking about people saying that the movie would flop originally. So in 1934, Walt Disney announced a full length movie animated even acting out the story of Snow White to his staff later the same year. This movie was going to be revolutionary because it will be the first fully cell-animated movie. When the news broke out the press thought that this silly cartoon with a $1,488,422.74 budget wouldn't work dubbing it "Disney's Folly". Why would anyone want to look at bright colors for a hour and a half? Well, after finishing the movie with ups and downs they released this movie influenced by MGM's Romeo and Juliet and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and was followed with standing ovation by the audience. But why?

     Looking back on the movie it is a pretty simple movie and a plot that doesn't have much to it. So why did this get people to praise Disney for making what is basically another cartoon but longer? Well, though I wasn't there, I think I know why. Not only was the animation amazing enough to look over the mediocre plot but because it was animated. Longer works of animation was always possible, but this was the first movie that made it possible to make longer animations. No one besides Walt would have been crazy enough to actually want to make a full animated movie with his crew. This later has inspired other people to start making animations longer, all because of Walt Disney's dream.

But what do you think is another way Snow White has changed the face of animation? Leave your responses in the comments below to let me know and I will see you soon!

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